How to deliver the perfect wedding car rental service

While weddings mean big business for lots of companies, from limo rental providers to venues, caterers, and more, dealing with a bride and groom on their big day can often be a stressful undertaking. Get it right, and you’ll be part of their most treasured memories, on the receiving end of glowing reviews and recommendations. But get it wrong, and there could be bad times ahead for your business.

So how can you deliver a wedding car rental service that ticks all the boxes? Well, the first thing to do is to map out what’s expected of you so that you can ensure you’re delivering on all accounts. Obviously, brides and grooms want an excellent range of vehicles to choose from — but it’s how you perform on the day itself that will make or break their opinion.

Many companies make the mistake of treating the actual transaction as the most important part of a wedding car rental. But once you’ve signed up for their big day, you’re obligated to do everything you can to help it run smoothly. On a simple level, that means small things such as turning up with plenty of time to spare, and making yourself available for any enquiries prior to the day — no matter how trivial they might seem. And you might find yourself needing to test your patience more regularly, too, given that emotions can often run high in the lead up to a wedding celebration.

If you can manage to remain calm, friendly, and professional even amongst the most chaotic of wedding preparations, you’re well on your way to receiving five-star reviews. But there are some things you can do that will elevate your service to the next level — and leave your clients thankful that they chose to do business with your company.

First, you might want to consider doing something special for the happy couple, even if they haven’t booked it as part of their package. A simple bunch of flowers or bottle of Champagne, for example, will not cost you much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the little touches that often generate the most positive reviews. Or, you could ask their favorite songs for a wedding playlist, stick their favorite romantic movie on the flat screen… the options are endless, but try to make the experience as personal as you can.

Next, if you can, try and cooperate with any photographers and videographers to capture footage of the big day. While it might be frustrating to be ordered here and there while you’re just trying to do your job, the wedding car is a big part of the proceedings — and the bride and groom are bound to want a perfect shot of their big entrance. And if you cultivate a reputation as friendly, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile, you’ll soon find that word gets around — and the bookings start pouring in.

Finally, make sure that you know exactly where your responsibilities begin and end — and try to remain as flexible as you can. If you’ve been booked for the entire evening, for example, plans are likely to be adjusted at the last minute — particularly if alcohol is involved. So be prepared for details such as timings and drop-off points to change. And even if your hire agreement doesn’t specify it, most couples will expect their driver to pay particular attention to what they’re wearing when it comes to wedding bookings — so make sure that your uniform is cleaned, ironed, and looking its best.

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